A one stop shop for (almost) everything related to our beloved Clansman radios!

Repairs: Check out the repair tips section for advice on how to repair your Clansman equipment when it goes wrong (it's all pretty old, so it won't be long before you need to get the screwdrivers out!)

Operating: Some simple, easy to read guides on how to use the kit, with no waffle and no jargon - just what you need to know....

Mods: Keep an eye out for the modifications section if you fancy tinkering with the kit to make it go that extra mile...

For Sale: And of course have a browse in the shop for various items for sale, along with instructions for use and maybe some videos to show you how to use it all (available on request)

If you get bored, there is even a links page so you can go somewhere else ;-)

Please feel free to email me at with any questions or to register an interest in any stock not shown, or just for a chat!