Some of the radios/equipment can be improved for use within the amateur environment and/or as original spare parts become less available.

I have included some of the mods below in the form of modification instructions that you can download and try yourself. I can accept no responsibility if a mod goes wrong, this is entirely at your own risk and should only be attempted if you are confident in your own ability!

I can supply Mod Kits for you to do the modifications or you can source all the items yourself. Not included with the kits are tools and consumables such as tape and insulation sleeving. If you can't do the mod yourself, I can do the work for you, but please be aware it may take a while for me to get round to do it as I am a very busy boy! Please email for prices and to arrange courier.

Other mods in the planning stage include 349 (6m/10m/power upgrade), 351/353 (10kHz channel), 344 (2m/70cm)

Any suggestions on future modifications? Let me know and we'll see if it can be done...